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Vol 24/06 June 2018

Hennie van der Walt
Please pass the gun, Dad! Gee asseblief die geweer aan, Pa! “Give a man fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to hunt and you feed him for a lifetime ...” – Anonymous Hierdie maand fokus ons op die jeug, veral die jonger outjies, in die ... Read more
Game Industry / Hunting Industry / Wildlife Ranching


Vir die jongspan
Ons fokus vandeesmaand op ons jong jagters en bied ’n verskeidenheid artikels waaruit hulle kan leer, asook ’n hoop opwindende pryse wat gewen kan word...

In gesprek met Jacques Malan
Hennie van der Walt het by Jacques en Carolien Malan op hul pragplaas Lumarie in Limpopo gaan kuier. Jacques is ’n suksesvolle en passievolle wildboer en deel graag sy kennis van die bedryf...

Weihracuh HW100 air rifle
This rifle is in a category of its own – it is a high-quality all-rounder and accurate over a wide range of velocities, enabling the use of a great variety of pellets for different applications...

Wet waterbuck ...
Stefan Fouché, editor: Hunting, Guns & Ammunition, went on an unforgettable waterbuck hunt with PH Ruan van Greuning of Hartzview Hunting Safaris near Schweizer-Reneke in Northwest Province...

Game nutrition: What’s up in the kitchen?
This is a new series focusing on animal nutrition for wild herbivores – particularly what is necessary to ensure a healthy animal all year round, with pointers explaining how to do it at farm level...

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Wat het ’n jong jagter nodig?
WILD & JAG, tesame met van hul groot adverteerders, gee met die afskop van die jagseisoen handige jagbenodigdhede weg aan die jongspan.

’n Seunsavontuur
Jokl le Roux vertel hoe hy en ’n maat as kinders die boendoes aangedurf het op 'n dassie-, paling- en byejagtog in die Bobbejaansberge.

5 Mistakes every bowhunter should avoid
Seppie Cilliers provides some tips that new hunters should keep in mind and that could serve as a refresher for experienced archers.

Common duiker – more special than common
This little buck is a first quarry for many hunters and is often overlooked as a trophy animal. LD Jennings shares his duiker hunt with us.

Karla Laing doen verslag oor vanjaar se HuntEx wat van 26 tot 29 April weer eens by die spoggerige Gallagher Estate in Midrand aangebied is.

African rifle calibres that made hunting history
In this issue, Cleve Cheney discusses the .50 Gibbs, covering aspects such as history, specifications, ballistics, handloading, and famous hunters that used it.

Rabies is a fatal disease transmitted from animals to man. This virus causes acute inflammation of the brain in humans and warm-blooded animals after infection.

Environmental potential for game species
This new series simplifies the main parameters of geographic distribution and the potential for different game species in each province of South Africa.

Conservationist, hunter and author Ron Thomson speaks his mind

Conversation with... Hennie van der Walt talks to prominent game ranchers

Talk Stefan Fouche reports on bullet performance in the hunting field

Reviews on books about hunting, conservation, wildlife and game ranching

& PHASA Latest news from leading organisations in the game industry

& GAME DESTINATIONS: Small advertisements - countrywide.

Photo gallery of our readers and the game animals they hunted

Latest game auction prices of game auctions held countrywide

Big- and dangerous-game hunting stories from hunters worldwide

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