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Issue 147 September 2017

NUTRITION GROWN FOODS... Obtaining your nutrients from high-quality foods is the key to health. Unfortunately, our food nowadays is largely devitalised and nutrient poor, even many certified organic foods. Some people take supplements, but vitam... Read more


Breastfeeding, physiotherapy & vmusic therapy
While Nature placed a mother’s breast near her heart, meaning that her milk is the food of love for the baby, breastfeeding can initially be painful. Music encourages relaxation and milk flow...

Can I own a pet if I work all day?
I couldn’t imagine life without my two dogs and cat, so I completely understand if you’re yearning to become a pet owner...

Ashes to Ashes
A different perspective on what our bodies contain – and what we need, to absorb minerals...

The Beauty of Natural Skin peels
Move over plastic surgery. Did you know that your complexion can benefit dramatically from a peel procedure that makes use of natural ingredients...

Teenage stress in today's world
Teenagers today have to charter far choppier waters than we, their parents, ever had to. Increased competition in the classroom and on the sportsfield...

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Love conquers all
Our sense of true self-worth is the natural product of Love and gratitude for Divine order.

Sleep per chance to dream
Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleave of care The death of each day’s life, sore labour’s bath, Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course, Chief nourisher.

The best dietary choices for IBS
Living with IBS often turns food choices into a fatiguing challenge. New information on FODMAPs may help IBS sufferers select the foods that work best for them.

Watch out for hidden sugars
Sugar is ubiquitous in our food supply – we are surrounded by it and drowning in it. Learn to read labels and know precisely what you are looking for.

Annual Detox
Regular cleansing of our bodies to get rid of toxins has become an absolute necessity. Explore ways in which you can minimise our toxic environment.

Varicose veins
Although not generally life-threatening, varicose veins can be compared to a difficult life: long, tortuous, painful and sometimes ugly.

Finding Happiness
Finding happiness can be a life-long quest of enquiry, discovery and ultimately bliss. However, it is a journey and often a state that feels elusive.

Supercharge Smoothie
A healthy breakfast break that night-time fast, fills up those energy stores and fuels you up for the day - so all things considered, it's pretty important!


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