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May/June 2017

Cultivate your inner strength... In this issue we celebrate #StrongWomen: Outer resilience, inner resolve. Paging through this issue of fitness you'll find wisdom that extends beyond just creating a lean and sexy body, offering a more compreh... Read more


Salute the Sun
If you are pressed for time and looking for a single mantra to stay fit, here’s the answer: A set of 14 powerful yoga asanas (postures) that provide a good cardiovascular workout...

Hlubi's Cover Shape-Up Workout
Cardio and endurance sport will rob your body of shapely muscle, especially when done on the scale of that by Absa Cape Epic finisher Hlubi Mboya...

Get Good at Everything
Develop all-round functional fitness and strength...

Are Dieters Doomed to Fail?
How ego depletion explains why everything in life gets harder when we diet...

Lift Like a Lady
My love for strength grew from my longing to be “unassuming”. As a 50kg woman who is 163cm tall I was motivated by the notion of being petite yet unnoticeably powerful...

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Beating Breast Cancer with Exercise
A new evidence-based review shows the important correlation between exercise and cancer recovery.

Do You Speak Crossfit?
A guide to all the unique jargon and terms flung around in the box.

Why Has Your Weight-loss Stalled?
You diet hard and hit the gym regularly, yet the scale won’t budge. We explore five hidden reasons for stalled weight loss, and how to get back on track.

10 Tips for a Healthy Winter Pregnancy
Maintaining a healthy immune system throughout your pregnancy is incredibly important, particularly with the added workload that comes with growing new life.

Form First - Overhead Squat
The biomechanics of this advanced squat variation make it difficult to perform properly under load as it requires good shoulder and hip mobility.

Bugging out on Protein
Why insects may be the next big thing in protein.

My Week as a Mom
Becoming a mother, has completely changed the life of local fitness icon, Angelique van der Linde.

The Devastation Power of Self-Shaming
When embarking on a transformation one can get caught up in a spiral of negative emotions that lead to the harmful act of self-shaming.


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