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Issue 141 March 2017

Synergistic Austrian inventions... Our cover model, Savannah, is the daughter of a friend – isn’t she just lovely! We would like to thank Cascade Manor for giving us access to their waterfall. What a beautiful venue! This month is so packed wi... Read more


Baobab Oil – a rescue remedy for your skin
Baobab seeds are cold-pressed to release a rich golden-amber oil which provides impressive moisturising qualities to both skin and hair...

Dr Beach – how the beach can improve your health
‘When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise...

Oil Pulling – a health enhancing practice
Oil pulling is a simple and relatively inexpensive treatment that effectively combats yucky bacteria lurking in the mouth and simultaneously strengthens gums and whitens teeth...

Yoga for cyclists
Expert yogi Sharni Quinn explains how you can get the maximum out of your cycling training by adding yoga into the mix...

Saffron for emotional health
‘A herb is a friend of the physicians and a praise of the cooks.’ ~ Charlemagne...

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Ayres Sensory Integration® Therapy – for your child
Sensory Integration (SI) is the brain’s ability to take in, process and organise sensory information that we receive through different sensory systems in our bodies.

Back to our tomato roots
Executive chef Christiaan Campbell and Boschendal’s horticulturist and food garden manager Megan McCarthy talk about how best to grow and enjoy tomatoes.

Do you have execise addiction?
If you are drained, rather than energised, after your exercise routine, you may be doing too much too often.

Hormone Health
Hormones are Nature’s molecular messengers. We literally cannot survive as a species without them. I care for my patients with menstrual and menopausal abnormalities.

How to take care of your live – naturally
Liver therapy and liver cleansing is not just for patients with chronic liver disease. It is for the prevention of liver conditions and optimal health.

True prosperity is the inevitable reward for a willingness to walk the path of service with Love, to open our hearts to the magnificence of our Universe.

Mind Control Programming
Lisa Catano shows how it is possible to take responsibility and break free from imposed fear to spare our children from the vicious cycle of mind-control programming.

Nutritional supplements for the elderly
The older people get, the more inefficient the metabolic processes become, and hence the greater the need for high-quality nutrition and supplementation.


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