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January/February 2016
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Pedro Van Gaalen
Rise above... I sat down to write this editorís letter amidst our final deadline of 2015. It was a tough year for many reasons. The business faced many challenges, from internal changes to tough economic conditions, and an ever increasing workload... Read more
Fitness (His Edition)
Live Life Looking Great


Urban assault
Street workout culture and the rise of bodyweight training...

Shoulder workout
Build shoulders like boulders...

Weighted bag complex
Complex compound moves for a full body workout...

To belt or not to beltÖ
Can heavy weights increase the risk of herniation...

The air up there
Taking a closer look at altitude simulation masks...

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Kitchen gear
Must-haves for creating your best body, outside of the gym.

Fuel up
Eat clean, live healthy.

Supplement science
What the lab coats say about ingredients in supplements.

Gym layout
Understanding how gym space is utilised.

Change it up
Try something new in 2016.

Crash training
Unlocking your potential for enhanced performance.

Cover story
Despite a medical condition, Matthew Larkins stood against the best and won.

Aesthetically speaking
Maximise muscle growth while on the go.

The secret to super-fast results

The best whey forward.

The latest supplements on the market

The latest gear

Get all your health & fitness questions answered.

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