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September 2014

Steve Smith
Driving a car used to be really easy. You got in, put the key in the ignition, turned it and off you went. Not any more. These days, when you get into a new and unfamiliar car, not only must you figure out whether to push a button, insert a key or... Read more
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Game, set and hatch
Volkswagen's recently refreshed Polo faces some stylish and well-specced opposition in a potential curtain raiser to next year's Top 12 ...

Yes to the RS
Ford's cult super hatch, the RS, is set for a glorious return in 2016. And we can't wait ...

Blood type
It may well share DNA with the legendary E-Type, but Jaguar's newest Coupe set out to carve a path of its own. We put it through a full test in this issue ...

Exuberant indulgence
Mercedes-Benz combines sheer lavishness with an abundance of torque... let alone technology. We drive the gorgeous S-Class Coupe in Italy ...

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A change of Corsa
In the biggest segment of the market, a revised stalwart hopes to renew interest in its brand. We bring you all the details of the new Opel Corsa.

Slide rulers
Having seen some of the world\s top drifters demonstrate their craft, we got a chance to slide in behind the wheel for some sideways fun with the BMW Drift Mob.

Fout paths to the sublime
Maserati's recently launched Quattroporte injects some welcome verve into the conservative grand-saloon sphere.

Road test: Renault Megane GT 220
Between the dressed-up GT Line models and speed-focused RS range-topper, this new contender makes all the right compromises.

Road test: Honda Accord 3,5 V6 Exclusive
It's one of the quickest front-wheel-drive four-doors we've ever tested, but don't expect the new Accord to set your pleated chinos alight.

Engines of our time: Ford Windsor 302
A lot has been written about the Americans' love for the V8 and you'd be hard-pressed to find a more iconic example than the Ford 302.

Tech feature: Cheating the wind
Reducing a vehicle's wind resistance to aid performance and efficiency has never been more important. We look at the basic theories and real-world applications.

BUY: Wheel Alignment
We bring you a story on the latest in wheel-alignment tech.

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By Sudhir Matai and Maurice Hamilton

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