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June 2014

Steve Smith
Sometimes, you can get a little cocky. Relative to the general public, you believe your skills to be clearly superior and this can lead to … over-confidence. I know this because, until very recently, that was me. Thanks to a *cough* abundance of n... Read more
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Road test: BMW M235i Coupe
After spending some time with the M235i Coupe, we put it to you that this sportscar may have stolen some of the forthcoming BMW M4's thunder...

Road test: Mini Cooper S
The Cooper S's evolutionary path sees the iconic Mini grow in dimensions and bow out of the hot-hatch league, but gain sophistication and overall quality...

Road test: Subaru WRX
Not as hard-edged as its predecessors, this new, mature WRX has its sights set on the premium performance market. But is this what Scooby fans want...

Driving impression: Jaguar F-Type Coupe
Retro only in its design, the Jaguar F-type Coupe is a modern, thoroughly thrilling sportscar. We travelled to Spain to experience this new car...

Driving impression: Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4
Lamborghini has replaced the aging Gallardo with something altogether more sophisticated and "manageable". Has the Italian finally had its chest waxed...

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Treasure Trove
There are magnificent private car collections in SA. In the first part of this series, we uncover an exceptional Mercedes-Benz stash in the hear of Durbanville.

Once more... with feeling
The McLaren 650S looks suspiciously like a 12C with a new nose. And essentially it is. But essentially, it also isn't. We drive this new supercar in Spain.

Kia reignites the soul
Its funky-chunky urban looks remain, but the new, larger Soul has finally come of age. We got to drive this new version ahead of its local launch in September.

Comparative test: Mercedes-Benz GLA vs. Volvo V40 Cross Country
The new GLA is the best version of Mercedes-Benz's compact-car series, but is it good enough to topple a left-field contender?

Group test: Suzuki SX4 and Peugeot 2008
As niche as they are, the new Suzuki SX4 and Peugeot 2008 aim to bridge the town-and-country gap between hatchback and compact SUV. We test to see if they can.

Top 5 supercars you've never heard of
There are some names that are synonymous with supercars. Others, you may never have heard of. We bring you a round-up of the top 5.

Tech: understanding airbags
Why do vehicles need them, how are they triggered and how will the technology operate in the future? We shed some light on this safety feature.

Formula One: A ticking time bomb?
Can team-mates remain friends, especially when they're both chasing the championship? History says no. F1 writer Maurice Hamilton gives us his opinion.

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By Sudhir Matai and Maurice Hamilton

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