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May 2014

Chris Bishop
I am writing these words to you from another world. It is a rare, ordered and prosperous world that Africa and – let’s face it – the rest of the planet aspires to. I am sitting in a 150-year-old hotel - a structure of wrought iron and stone pillar... Read more
Forbes Africa
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How A Mouse Ate An Elephant
It was a huge risk when a small company,in the coastal city of Durban in South Africa, took over a pharmaceutical giant. It wasn't easy but it helped Michael Attridge earn a $525 million fortune...

Mozambique energy
How the fourth poorest country in the world overcame a civil war and poverty to become a wealthy player in the lucrative global energy market – the Russia Russia of sub-Saharan Africa...

Motivational Speakers
How much are you willing to pay for the secret to turn your life around and create a million-dollar business? Well, you could YouTube a video or pay $1,000 to hear someone speak...

Mine Strike
Seventy thousand workers at South Africa’s platinum mines have been on strike for the best part of three months. It has cost the industry more than $1 billion and is hurting many more businesses...

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Max Hussmann
Max Hussmann spent a large part of his childhood flying between Africa and Europe. The aspiring Olympian now has his own stake in the aviation industry.

Max Bankole Jarrett
Max Bankole Jarrett reported throughout one of Africa’s most tumultuous decades as a journalist. Now, he is helping shape its future.

Rivonia Trial
On April 20 it was half a century since a six-hour speech changed the world. Nelson Mandela changed the minds of millions with a few thousand well-chosen words.

Conor McCreedy
The hunt is on for a painting of Nelson Mandela stolen from a vault by thieves through a hole in the roof. Interpol say the painting is priceless.

Gavin Rajah
So says the African fashion leader Gavin Rajah - the man who clothed Naomi Campbell and Beyonce.

Ponte Reborn
A dilapidated tower, once the pride of Johannesburg’s landscape, is making a comeback, holding out hope of inner-city revival.

Shingai Shoniwe
From Zimbabwe to Malawi, to Cuba, London and Los Angeles, Shingai Shoniwa is making waves with her African influenced tunes.

Zimbabwean Priest
Uebert Angel is a Zimbabwean priest that takes calls from presidents & boasts a multimillion dollar business empire. He also claims to have a supernatural gift from God.

We've all had one, Africa's top executives tell us about theirs.

360 A round-up of the latest news from across the African continent.

Arts and culture stories from around the continent.

Eyewitness stories that have defined Africa.

From Olympics to Soccer to Boxing.

What sectors and countries to invest in and to stay away from.


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