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March Volume 6 No.52

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Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli
Much has been said about the power of a brand, which by its very nature requires consistency and loyalty to its ethos. In the five years of our existence, the Mamas & Papas brand has evolved, but still remained true to its founding statement: to ... Read more
Parenting… Your Way!


Motherhood, a universal condition
Engaging with different women about the challenges of being a parent in the modern world, one thing becomes apparent – the basics remain the same...

Evolution of parenting
With the waves of change, new parenting trends emerge. However, since the beginning of the ‘noughties’, parenting has become both easier and more difficult all at the same time...

The pontential of tomorrow
Possibly one of the most remarkable developments of modern medicine in general, and childbirth specifically, is the ability to store your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells...

The fuss about folic acid
Folic acid and folate are forms of the water-soluble vitamin B9, which is necessary for making and repairing DNA and aiding cell division and growth...

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A blow to the head
An internal head injury usually has more serious implications because it may result in either bleeding or bruising of the brain...

Chromosomal disorder
When it comes to chromosomal conditions, much has changed in the last 50 and even 25 years, not only in terms of how much more accurately they are diagnosed, but also...

Discipline: An old-age debate
From the dawn of the ages, there have been parents and there have been children. And wherever there have been both parents and children, there has been...

Maternity health matters
The World Health Organization statistics reveals that from 1900 to 2000, the average number of stillbirths dropped from 25 to under 5 per 1000 births in the world’.

Babies and rituals
Having a baby is probably the most life-changing experience any woman and her partner can go through, and with these changing moments come decisions that have to be made.

Birthing babies, then and now
Today, a trained team of medical experts can deliver babies according to a calendar if the parents or doctor so require, or parents can let Mother Nature take her course.

Yellow baby
Neonatal jaundice occurs in approximately 50% to 60% of newborn babies. Pregnant women are thus often warned that their newborns might have to stay in hospital...

Third time is the charm
Hanika (30) and her husband, Morné have been married for 7 years, but she reveals that their story of faith, heartache and many a tear began in 2010...

Be dedicated to positive parenting
First and foremost we would like to wish Mamas & Papas Magazine and the team a great 5th birthday! What a milestone...

Divorced or planning to?
The underlying purpose of effective co-parenting is to ensure that children are able to maintain a stable relationship and contact with both parents...







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