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March/April 2014

More muscle – it’s a win-win... A tell-tale sign of a dedicated fitness girl is lean and toned shoulders. Personally I think there’s nothing sexier than showing off your hard work by wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder shirt. Achieving t... Read more


Fitness benchmarking
5 fitness-related stats you should always know about yourself...

20 minute fire-up
Improve your fitness, bust calories and incinerate fat in one 20 minute power workout...

The Fighter Diet
A look into Pauline Nordin’s fighting mindset and approach to eating...

Sexy midsection
5 steps to a sexier midsection...

A new body in 10 moves
Build muscle or burn fat...

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When raw goes wrong
When embarking on a raw food diet many people make a couple of fundamental mistakes, which is when going raw can easily go wrong.

The psychology of WEIGHT LOSS
4 ways that your mindset may be hampering your results.

Gourmet Raw
Try these easy recipes and discover how easy gourmet raw really is.

A closer look at Garcinia cambogia
A healthy dose of common sense amidst renewed market hype.

The gamification of fitness
Turning daily activity and exercise into a game!

Sushi surprise
It’s not the guilt-free cheat meal you think it is...

Fix your digestion
Ensure optimal digestive health to achieve your goal By Gareth Powell - National Training Manager at USN.

Amazing Amanda Adams
When good looks, a great physique and hard work combine to make a fitness model superstar.


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