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March/April 2014
FREQUENCY: Alt Monthly

Tanja Schmitz
More muscle – it’s a win-win... A tell-tale sign of a dedicated fitness girl is lean and toned shoulders. Personally I think there’s nothing sexier than showing off your hard work by wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder shirt. Achieving this is... Read more
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Fitness benchmarking
5 fitness-related stats you should always know about yourself...

20 minute fire-up
Improve your fitness, bust calories and incinerate fat in one 20 minute power workout...

The Fighter Diet
A look into Pauline Nordin’s fighting mindset and approach to eating...

Sexy midsection
5 steps to a sexier midsection...

A new body in 10 moves
Build muscle or burn fat...

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When raw goes wrong
When embarking on a raw food diet many people make a couple of fundamental mistakes, which is when going raw can easily go wrong.

The psychology of WEIGHT LOSS
4 ways that your mindset may be hampering your results.

Gourmet Raw
Try these easy recipes and discover how easy gourmet raw really is.

A closer look at Garcinia cambogia
A healthy dose of common sense amidst renewed market hype.

The gamification of fitness
Turning daily activity and exercise into a game!

Sushi surprise
It’s not the guilt-free cheat meal you think it is...

Fix your digestion
Ensure optimal digestive health to achieve your goal By Gareth Powell - National Training Manager at USN.

Amazing Amanda Adams
When good looks, a great physique and hard work combine to make a fitness model superstar.

The latest beauty must haves!

PRO'S We answer your fitness and nutrition questions.

Find out more about health, nutrition and wellness.

The latest goings on in the world of food.

We check out the latest trends.

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