WILD & JAG/GAME & HUNT :: Editor's Letter
Vol 25/12 December 2019


Hoe bevoorreg is ons nie om die Kersseisoen binne te gaan met die Springbokke as die Rugbywêreldbeker-kampioene nie! Agtien maande gelede sou niemand kon droom dat dit moon
tlik is nie, net soos niemand die afgelope 18 maande sou gesê het dat die wildbedryf op ’n hoogtepunt sou afsluit nie.

So, did the year end off on a high note for the game industry? This depends on whether you see the glass as half-empty or half-full. Rassie Erasmus said after the Rugby World Cup finals that rugby shouldn’t be something that creates pressure; it should be something that creates hope, and that the Springboks had the privilege of giving hope without it being a burden. For game farmers and hunting outfitters, despite the drought and uncertain financial and political conditions, it is not a burden to protect natural habitat and thus biodiversity, thereby creating hope for all mankind to be able to experience and enjoy nature. With the rains that have fallen in certain parts of the country, there is still hope that the rest of the country will also receive rain. Therefore the year can end off on a high note, depending on how you see the proverbial glass of water.

Met die Kersseisoen op hande gaan ek geen druk op lesers plaas om deur middel van hierdie Kkommentaar-rubriek aan te bevel watter artikels gelees moet word nie. Ek vertrou egter dat die gevoel van hoop by julle sal posvat as julle die artikels lees. Dit hang af van hoe julle die glas water sien – half leeg of half vol. Die tema van hoop sluit aan by vorige maande se Kommentaar-rubrieke met temas soos “Iets nuuts en besigheidslesse; Jaag jou droom na; Iets anders; Nuwe avontuur”, asook “’n Simbool van hoop”.

With much debate around the world regarding trophy hunting, as well as all the proposed bans on trophy hunting and the importation of hunted trophies, we hunters must be able to explain the term “trophy hunting” to the anti-hunters and animal rights campaigners:
A hunter and the so-called trophy hunter are hunters who honour the animal they kill by hanging a non-edible piece of it on their wall. It reminds them of the great hunting experience they had in nature, and it will bring a smile to their faces for a long time after the last piece of game meat has been eaten. Is it wrong to honour the animals we kill?

I sincerely hope that after reading this you will also have been reminded of your great hunting experiences, thereby acknowledging the contribution from each game farmer and hunting outfitter that makes it possible for us to end our year on a high note, as we will all have a smile on our faces long after the last game meat has been eaten.

From all of us at GAME & HUNT to all of you, our loyal readers and advertisers – may you have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Almal by WILD & JAG wens ons getroue lesers en adverteerders ’n geseënde Kersfees en voorspoedige Nuwejaar toe!

Wildbedryfgroete / Game industry greetings
Hennie van der Walt


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