:: Editor's Letter
September / October 2019

Usually compact, but vitally important. Functional, yet appealing. Most costly per square metre, but justifiably so. These are today’s kitchens and bathrooms.

Whether it be a new or renovation project, ticking all the boxes here can make or break
re-sale values.
Habitat’s kitchen and bathroom FOCUS features occur twice annually in the March / April and September / October issues. Over decades, they’ve become informative super-reviews that showcase the best of the high-end sector in both these design disciplines.

People have questioned how it’s possible to compose an overview of the R&D and fresh design aesthetics that emerge per six months. And yet it’s not all that difficult because these key sectors do evolve continually, albeit kitchens more so than bathrooms. To a large extent they follow changing trends in interior architecture, design and decoration; largely because the kitchen has become the core of the contemporary home, the vital hub from which everything else spins off.

From little more than a featureless back-of-house scullery / gas stove location less than a century ago, the modern kitchen is now a highly valued, multifunctional interior space, most celebrated for its design aesthetics and the enablement of culinary creativity.

The advent of TV chefs and the internet has meant that the kitchen has become a working interior where voyages of discovery occur – where cuisines from all corners of the globe can be conjured up with informed guidance – and enjoyed by family and friends. It also functions as a casual eating area, sometime mini-schoolroom, hi-tech home office, relaxation and gathering spot. It’s the most-used space in the modern home.

Bathrooms are more individual.

Once clinical, rapidly used ablution areas, they’ve now become personal havens of tranquillity in which to wind down and indulge the senses. They can be classical or contemporary, compact or capacious, but their function is vital today because IT has made lives more hectic and relaxing time more precious.


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