Stuff :: Editor's Letter
July-August 2019/Issue 97

As anyone who’s ever broken, lost or been relieved of their cellphone will attest to, you don’t realise how dependent you are on technology until you don’t have it. On the day this issue went to print our art director Brandon’s iMac decided to shuffle off this mortal coil. Cue panicked installation of everything needed to wrap things up on another device, a slew of extremely inventive cursing, and collective relief from the rest of the Stuff team that you can’t fit an iMac out of our office’s windows.

What our art director needs now is a bit of a break from all things computing. Perhaps some time outdoors. At the very least a luminescent drink with a small umbrella in it and a rum-to-juice ratio that’d rattle a pirate… or a ’90s rapper. So it’s a good thing we’ve got a feature on the best travel gadgets to help you (and him) leave your (and his) knowledge economy worker woes behind (p54). We’ve printed it out so he doesn’t have to read it on a screen.

While he plans his escape the rest of us are ogling the latest and greatest goggle boxes, tubes, broadcast babysitters, or whatever else your parents/grandparents call TVs (p38). They’ve come a long way from cathode-ray tubes, wooden cabinets and the SABC’s test pattern.

We’re also struggling to contain our excitement about the things we can watch on them, like the third instalment of Stranger Things (p24), which we’ll have devoured with the sort of enthusiasm a Demogorgon exhibits for a Vienna sausage by the time you read this.

What have we learnt this month? Don’t watch trailers for things you already know you want to watch. Modern TVs are both incredible and incredibly expensive. And working on someone else’s computer is the absolute pits. Learn from our mistakes, dear reader, won’t you?


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