Stuff :: Editor's Letter
June 2019 / Issue 96

”The night is dark and full of terrors, old man, but the fire burns them all away.” First, we’re not that old. Second, by ‘terrors’ we’re going to assume you mean the (very real) dread of not being able to button up our favourite trousers due to the excesses of summer. And third, by ‘fire’ we’re going to assume you mean exercise, because burning calories is the only way we’re going to keep that fear at bay. Well, that and laying off the pizza… but let’s be realistic, shall we?

It’s with this – and maxims about summer bodies, winter, blah blah – in mind that’s prompted us to collate the finest in outdoor fitness kit (p38) to get you motivated. Because the South African winter is mild, and few things encourage us to get out and enjoy it like the guilt that comes from a new, unused gadget begging to be tested.

Once you’ve earned some downtime, you’re going to need something with which to listen to your cool-down tracks (that’s totally a thing, right?), so head over to our Bluetooth speakers (p64) feature, or take a look at the Oculus Quest (p54) or Nintendo Labo VR (p72) if you’re keen for more immersive distractions.

We’ve also got a look at the old-body-new-innards Apple iPad mini (p33), test drives of the tech-laden Range Rover Evoque (p82) and stylish Volvo XC60 (p83), and tips for getting the most out of YouTube’s new ad-free Premium service (p76) all interspersed with our usual irreverence and occasional snark.

Until next month, remember, the extra slice you eat today could swell the posterior you’re trying to clad in your favourite pants tomorrow… or something like that. Or, like us, you could just buy bigger pants.


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