The Gardener :: Editor's Letter
April 2019
   The Gardener

We are entering one of the busiest garden months in the calendar, a month that really gets my juices flowing! Now that temperatures have cooled down we need to prepare now for everything that we want to happen in spring. An added bonus is that itís really much more comfortable to garden now that itís cooler!

Letís start off with seeds. This time of the year is when it all happens: from getting in your Namaqualand daisies and Virginia stocks to sowing mixed seed packs for shady or sunny spots. Seeds offer so much reward for such a small investment, especially when compared to buying seedlings Ė seeds are streaks ahead when it comes to value for money. And if youíre willing to put in a little effort the reward is tenfold.

While youíre sowing all those seeds packed with so much promise, itís also time to pop in your rewarding indigenous bulbs. Tritonias, chincherinchees and ixias are but a few of the beauties. They are tough, no-nonsense accompaniments to any garden, no matter how big or small. And the great thing about these local guys is that they come up year after year! Itís said that effort equals reward, so if you put the effort into planning and preparing for your spring garden now, well folks, you will be blown away when the weather starts to warm up again!

With all this planting going on I come back to where it all begins, the base and foundation that provides for the promise that you are planting Ė the soil. Is yours alive? Is it well balanced, full of the good carbon, humic and organic content that supports healthy plants? Recent research, studies and developments have made farmers and home gardeners more and more aware about the importance of this topic. As they say, itís a whole new world down there under the soil, and we hope you enjoy an exploratory journey with us learning about what makes it all work together and tick!

Happy gardening!


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