WILD & JAG/GAME & HUNT :: Editor's Letter
Vol 25/03 March 2019


John Hemingway said, “If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa, especially Namibia.”

Let us walk you through this wonderful country’s vast open spaces and give yo
u a taste of Namibia with a potpourri of interesting hunting features and Bushman stories. Namibia is a bewitching country. The typical image that comes to mind is that of a herd of oryx etched against massive red dunes. Hunters and tourists alike are also very familiar with the great hospitality of the Namibian people. It is a land of milk and honey for hunters, tourists and inhabitants alike. You therefore should not miss a single article in this month’s edition. Let us take you on the journey ...

The black rhinoceros, a typical species found in the north-western part of the Namibian savannas, features in this month’s species article by Prof Kobus Bothma (p 16). Read how this animal is believed to have diverged from the white rhinoceros 4 to 5 million years ago, and about an ancestral black rhinoceros that once lived in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. Interestingly, it also adapted to open, semi-desert environments with abundant purple-pod clusterleaf and Damara milk-bush.

“Boesmanspore in die rooi sand” is ’n unieke vertelling deur Pieter Vorster en gesoute bosjagters Linus en Josef – manne uit Namibië; manne van die veld wat presies weet hoe om ’n spoor te sny, oftewel ’n spoor te lees! Geniet dié vertelling op bl 22.

Christo Beeslaar vertel op sy beurt hoe sy en ’n paar vriende se bergkwagga-jag in die Khomas Hochland afgeloop het – die groot uitdagings, uitgeslape bergkwaggas en al die gepaardgaande intriges op die plaas Horn Kranz (p 30).

NW van Wyk also entertains us with his article on bowhunting (p 42). Namibia definitely is one of his favourite places to hunt and he was blown away by the sheer beauty of the mighty Kalahari.

Ronald Nel, a regular contributor to this publication and a big-game hunter, shares his beautiful story on hunting buffalo in the Caprivi (p 52). Hunting in the vast, open spaces of the African wilderness in pursuit of especially dangerous game’s is wat Ronald’s dreams are made of … Also watch the video that tells it all!

Ron Thomson needs no introduction and in this issue he shares his interesting and insightful thoughts on Namibia with us (p 62). This is an article not to be missed!

Last but not least, meet the straight-pull miracle – the Merkel Helix, which also features on our cover this month. Christophe Roelofse shares some of the jealously guarded secrets of this rifle with us on p 20: Refreshingly unique and remarkably different, it speaks of extraordinary innovation and it delights with style …

So there you have it – a mouthful on Namibia. Enjoy!

Wildbedryfgroete / Game industry greetings
Hennie van der Walt


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