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March 2019/Issue 93

Is it just us (we know it isn’t) or does every year seem to go more rapidly than the last? Perhaps it’s because the older one gets, the less of one’s whole life a single year represents. Or maybe it’s because we’re increasingly surrounded by blinking screens telling us the time? Whatever it is, we can assure you it’s later than you think… so whether you’re looking to get into a shape that isn’t oval (p81), buy the mirrorless camera of your dreams and take a picture worthy of hanging in the guest loo (p63), or just get the darn lawn mown (p78), we can help.

We’ve also spent a lot of time (and the office’s data cap) downloading and testing the best apps for your phone and tablet so that you don’t have to (p32). Because time is precious. And we, unlike you, were getting paid to do it. As yet, there’s sadly no app that’ll truly give us more time, but there are some that can help us stop squandering it. Of course, there are others where the raison d’etre seems to be to get us to scroll our lives away… but we’ve avoided those as best we can, as should you.

In between contemplating temporality, we marvelled at an automatic stringed-instrument tuner (p62), drove a four-wheeled orange wonder (p59), played an otherworldly platformer (p95) and a retro one (p92), and took some connected shoes for a trot (p85).

We’ll be back next month with more of the best in contemporary gadgetry and appery, and hopefully less existential dread. Who’s got time for that, anyway?


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