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February 2019
   The Gardener

Weíre in the month of February. find the right plants. It all comes down to, Oh my word, the month of love.

No, weíre not going to talk about that, we really arenít, because itís way, way overrated. We should all be showing our love every day, an
d if itís only on one day of the year that youíre going to do something kind for the one you love, or give a small gift, then thatís simply not good enough.

In one of the hottest months of the year we introduce one of the hottest new plants available to us gardeners, Lewisia, and it is probably one of the most amazing plants that I have ever, ever seen. When I walked into
the trial gardens at Ball Straathof, that was first amongst thousands and thousands of colourful, colourful plants, and it immediately caught my eye. They were in 15cm pots,
with this lovely low whirl of green leaves
and beautiful flowers sitting proud. The interesting thing is that they are a kind of succulent, but beautiful as an indoor plant and they take the heat well. It is repeat flowering, it can be grown in a container on your patio, or it can be outside. Man, for me it has got everything that we want. Itís also got strong leaves, which means that itís tough and wonít fall over dead, which is great for us gardeners. It really does blow my skirt up (if I had one to wear in the first place).

We get many, many questions about coastal gardening, and itís a tough one because coastal gardening really is a genre all on its own, dealing with soil that lacks the humic content and lacks the good stuff to hold all the nutrition. Lots of folks gardening at the coast have major issues in trying to

that Ė the right plants for the right soil. The plants need to be tough, and we have got one of the best articles on coastal gardening that I have ever seen, showing great plant combinations. Not only one plant in an area, but combinations. Every gardener wants the look, so itís no use having just one plant sitting on a bank, which would probably be an Aloe ferox because thatís one of the most common plants we see on the coast.
No, itís beyond that. The article has been put together beautifully and there are some great ideas for everyone, and I know that folks living right on the beach or on the secondary dunes will get a lot out of this one.

If you are in the mood to give something special, then ignore my earlier rant and have a look at the Valentineís Gift Guide, because some people donít want some hearts or a teddy bear for Valentineís Day. Gardening goodies never go to waste!

Finally, to Stephen (our copy editor), you will have had your new baby by now, and I hope itís a little girl. And I hope sheís as cute as any sticks, which she will be with two beautiful parents, and that your little Gray will have a baby sister. I hope that she brings you much, much joy and not too many sleepless nights.
Happy gardening,


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