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January 2019
   The Gardener

Some say that the first sign of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome Ė and thatís the case with gardening as well! So if you have tried your hand at growing clivias from seed or taking cuttings, or even set yourself the goal of keeping your lawn looking great all year round and didnít get it right in the past, then fear not because you are already half way there by simply reading this!

Our 12-month action plan has now become a firm favourite with our readers, and I hope that you will cut it out and keep it handy as a gentle reminder or a hard nudge to keep you on the right track. Either way we hope you enjoy it.

So whatís on the New Yearís list? This is something that really gets under my skin Ė the promises we make to others and ourselves at the start of a new year! Maybe itís because Iíve disappointed myself so many times by making promises and resolutions Ė there you go I used the word Ė grrrr. We read about making a list and sticking that list somewhere where we will see it every day (like on the fridge, bathroom mirror or computer screen). Apparently this keeps us more focused on the goal by being a continuous reminder of the goals we set.

But all of this advice makes me think of those motivational speaking workshops, where you leave thinking that youíre fantastic, youíre great, but the first little obstacle in life derails you. Gardening is the same, when you have great plans for the new year, but then some worm eats every amaryllis that you own, or the dog digs up the lawn, and youíre over it!

My point is: there are many books and articles and blogs on the subject, but no matter what we read and how motivated we are, things will come along and threaten to overwhelm us, and sometimes we will feel that itís just not worth it. But you need to know that it is worth picking yourself up and giving it another go, and Iím not talking just about gardening.

In gardening, perseverance is rewarded by tangible benefits Ė you plant seeds and 14 days later you see the result. Some goals are more long term, like creating a new garden area, but there is still a tangible reward.

And that is my message for this New Year Ė set goals in the garden and follow them through, and what you learn could impact your entire life.

As always, happy gardening, and stay safe over the holidays.


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