The Gardener :: Editor's Letter
November 2018
   The Gardener

For many of us September means an abundance of flowers, gardens coming alive with birdsong from early morning and buds appearing overnight. After travelling for just a few days and coming back to my garden, I am always amazed at the speed with which everything grows at this time.

I have been blessed with an abundance of flower spectacles this month. The Witness Garden Show was inspirational, the keynote gardens taking my breath away. After months of planning, the weekend was enjoyed by young and old, the rain bringing much relief to the heat and all gardeners donning their gumboots and umbrellas in support of the event.

From Pietermaritzburg we travelled to the ever-sunny Orange River and the very desolate Richtersveld. The extreme conditions in this part of the world have not deterred plant growth and their adaptation to the environment is astonishing to see. From afar, a desolate moonscape-type terrain met us, but on closer inspection plant life was visible everywhere, and once I had learned what to look for I couldn’t stop seeing the wonder
of nature and marvelling at the evolution of species to withstand extreme heat and cold. What an adventure we had! A great time was spent with members of the Lonehill team and family on this trip. Time away from it all, sitting around a crackling fire with no cellphone reception, telling stories and listening to others is such a treat. Of course we all had our gardening hats on, planning new stories and articles for the months to come – we all left inspired and returned to the main road of life once again where we were greeted by 145 WhatsApp messages and numerous emails. This is a part of the world where you shouldn’t rush, and if the opportunity presents itself to visit then seize it!

From there a coastal journey to Cape Town took us through Namaqualand, a special place filled with history. Flowers lay as tapestries in front of us, creeping up stony hills and kissing the blue sky. Their colour on display was spectacular but unpretentious, and it was amazing how bright pinks next to an orange daisy don’t even clash! Who would have thought? This is God’s gardening, wild yet somehow managed, and it all works. Most importantly, it feeds my soul, energises me and fills me with wonder. We are so blessed to have this incredible, world-class display in our own backyard – you only have to drive 1.5 hours from Cape Town to see it.

I am thankful to be home for a little while before the next adventure starts. It’s time to plant some summer bulbs so that Christmas can be merry with colour for the whole family to enjoy, get summer pots planted up, deal with the snails and make the most of all there is in your veggie garden!
Happy gardening,


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