Stuff :: Editor's Letter
November 2018/Issue 90

For team Stuff, the things that go bump in the night are usually us, tripping over the cat while trying to find the light switch after a streaming binge (p101), or getting tangled in the cables of retro gaming controllers (p16). Which is why this issue’s big feature is dedicated to nocturnal tech (p38). From smart lights and glowing jackets to brilliant (in both senses) alarm clocks and bicycles, this is tech that could save your kneecaps, and your life.

There’s other potentially life-saving tech in this issue, too. Apple’s new Watch Series 4 (p12) includes fall detection that’ll buzz the emergency services if you tumble and can’t get up. You might need it once you see the price of Apple’s new flagship iPhones (p8). Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch (p59) can’t detect a fall, but it’s got a far more potent (and potentially sales-inducing) trick up its, err, sleeve: thanks to its Tizen OS it works with Android phones and Apple ones.

And speaking of Android phones, it’s the season of new mobile operating systems. Last issue we brought you pro-tips for iOS 12, and this time around you should hang onto your fork, because there’s Android Pie (p83) to dig into.

Got some pie crumbs in your beard? No problem, our list of beard trimmers (p64) will help you find the ideal grooming tool to remove – or improve – your snack catcher. Ladies (and thoughtful men), we also have it on good authority (well, our digital publisher’s) that the best trimmers aren’t just good for faces. Ever wanted to surprise your loved one with a message in your leg hair? Now you can.

Capable as some trimmers are, though, it’s probably best to leave the puppy or kitty topiary to the professionals, lest you void the warranty and set yourself up for a very awkward conversation with a store assistant. Instead, treat your fur child with the finest in pet tech (p68)… or, you know, repurpose it and impress your friends by shooting snacks directly into your mouth while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man (p90) on the couch. Which gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “treat yo’self”.


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