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Sep/Oct 2018
   Muscle Evolution

The end of an icon...

The edition you hold in your hands is the final one. Ever. Yes, Muscle Evolution will cease publication after 15 years. Although this will come as a tremendous shock to a number of hardcore bodybuilding fans out there who thr
ough the years couldn’t wait to read everything about their favourite sport, we are definitely not going out without a bang!

We are wrapping things up in style, giving you the latest in show coverage, profiling emerging athletes, and offering expert views to deliver everything you need to know to train smarter and harder in your quest to build more muscle.

To all our readers, advertisers and subscribers, thank you for your loyal support to South Africa’s number 1 bodybuilding magazine. It has truly been a blast! To our athletes – without you there would not have been a magazine. Every page we produced was always real.

For me, both as a reader and, later, in my role as editor, the magazine embodied the hardcore bodybuilding philosophy lived and breathed by so many lifters. Not only did it instruct, inform and inspire with cutting edge training, supplementation and nutritional advice, but it also covered national and international bodybuilding shows and never shied away from delving into controversial subjects, such as the reality of steroid use, or when things turned sour between bodybuilding federations.

It is therefore with a heavy heart that I relinquish the role of editor of such an iconic publication.

One of the biggest changes in the world we live in is the insane speed at which we consume information to formulate and then reformulate our ideas about what is taking place around us.

The reason for the closure of Muscle Evolution is purely economic – it remains a resource-intensive process to produce the mag and unfortunately the revenue model that sustained these costs is no longer working in an age of digital media.

In this way it is a direct response to the way people prefer to consume what they’re interested in online, in a rawer, more immediate format. The challenge is remaining relevant and taking advantage of digital media’s unique strengths. For that to happen, content, technology and business must align to deliver the value that people continuously crave.

At Muscle Evolution we have put a tremendous amount of work into the magazine over the past few years and I am extremely proud of what we as a team have managed to accomplish for our athletes, readers and advertisers.

To everything in this world there is, however, a season and that is how I choose to view the closure. Thank you for your loyalty, hard work, commitment, support and dedication for bringing it all to life. I salute you!



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