The Gardener :: Editor's Letter
September 2018
   The Gardener

We all love something or someone. Hollywood! Cuteness personified, she had me I know that she is with my Mom, snuggled.

When we love we do so without
boundaries, simply giving all we have and wanting only the best for them. A few weeks ago my l
ittle sunshine child, Holly Baba, my eldest fur-child Yorkie, was taken from our family. She was fatally injured by an eagle while doing what she loved the most – being in the garden, in the sunshine, digging and pulling bits of unwanted grass out of her precisely dug hole. Could her death have been avoided, the path of fate changed? I don’t believe so. I was away for work when it happened and I firmly believe that I was intentionally spared from
the trauma. The thought races through your mind – why? She was living a dog’s life, as they say. She was confident, a little life all of 2.2kg, and the leader of the pack of six other fur kids.

Even after many, many hours of sobbing, feeling a loss so deep is really difficult to comprehend. We miss her. I miss her. She was my pillow companion – she had her spot every night on my top pillow with her soft blanket. Tickles in the morning, zurbits on her tummy on the bed whenever we came home was her ritual. A little scratch on my head during the night, ever so gentle, if she wanted a snuggle. And don’t let me talk about all the kisses for Mom!

Holly Baba, named because we got her at Christmas time, arrived as the runt from her birth family: shy, timid and always wanting to hide. I believe we gave her everything she needed to become her best – she oozed confidence, hence her other name, my
wrapped around her paw and I loved her with all my heart.
But as they say in the classics, life goes on, the sun will rise tomorrow, and we simply have to move on. We have to turn all of our love and attention to her sister and the rest of the fur family, who are also confused and missing her. Slowly the change is becoming easier to deal with, but the gaping hole remains. These pages are dedicated to my Holly Baba, sweet child, Hollywood Baba, Sunshine Child, Pumpkin and Angel. You were sent to us for a reason – thank you for filling up my heart and bringing so much joy to our lives.

Up in the crook of her neck (her favourite spot, of course with a little tummy tickle included). I also know that heaven is now a much louder place with my little loud-mouth frog barking and getting everyone in line!

Loving is hard and so is letting go but I know her spirit is right by my side.


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