:: Editor's Letter
Sep/Oct 2018

Life is more fun when you’re fit...

How you choose to stay fit might not align with the views of other people, but as long as you’re active, follow a healthy approach, and are ‘living fit’, why should it matter?

If there was a one-size-fits-al
l approach to fitness, don’t you think that it would lead to a rather bland existence? What makes being active fun, or functional, is how it makes you feel (strong!), And the opportunities your vigor creates to do the things that you actually enjoy.

I said it a while ago, and i’m sure you feel the same – ‘i love gym’. However, while i love being strong, i don’t ‘Love’ the gym. It’s not somewhere where i define my self-worth. Rather, it’s a place where i find self-love. In this context, training serves a bigger purpose: instead of just trying to look fit, it’s a way to actually be fit!

Fitness mag draws inspiration from many #strongwomen (and men), who participate in a diverse range of fitness and exercise modalities. We all share the same goal, though, and that’s to live healthily, be strong and remain fit.

Personally, i feel a well-rounded ‘Fitness enthusiast’ can take a page from everyone’s book – a bit of mobility, form and focus from yoga and pilates; the strength, power and pure gusto from lifting heavy weights; some conditioning, cross training and functional movements from crossfit and ocr; and the endurance, fitness and sense of adventure that comes from cycling, running and other adventure sports.

No matter how you divide them, or combine them, they all share the core values of determination and commitment. Embrace and excel in the areas you enjoy, but be open-minded to explore different modalities and give other activities a go.

Not only is it good for your soul (that would be the rush of endorphins and dopamine that make you fall in love with fitness), but it’s also good for busting through the training inertia you’re undoubtedly experiencing as you emerge from the long, cold winter. But summer is coming, which means it’s about time you got cracking on that beach bod!

In the end it’s pretty simple, life is just more fun when you’re fit!

Here’s to an awesome summer ahead!

Talk about getting out and active!

From 3-7 August I joined the Nedbank Tour de Tuli for 4 days and 260km of riding through Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The tour is an initiative of the non-profit organisation, Children in the Wilderness. It not only aims of raise funds for their projects*, but also presents a unique and unforgettable cycling experience through the wilderness. Training for this tour presented me with the opportunity to make a transition from being ‘gym’ fit to focusing on endurance training, and experiencing many of the highs and lows that form part of training for a purpose (as one would expect with any competitive sport).

*Children in the wilderness is a non-profit organisation that facilitates sustainable conservation through leadership development and education of rural children in Africa.


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