Stuff :: Editor's Letter
September 2018/Issue 88

The spring is (almost) sprung, the grass is risÖ and that means itís time to go shopping for swimwear (p50), brush up on your tennis with Mario (88), and start worrying about the fitness of you and yours (p76). Itís also a great time to go through your cupboards and donate, sell or dispose of the antiquated tech and other knickknacks you donít need anymore.

Thatíll also help you make space and raise dosh for things youíll actually useÖ like a new camera (p32) or laptop (p52). Whether youíre snapping pics of your brunch for that food blog you hope will let you leave your day job one day, a professional wildlife photographer who wants to get close to the action without losing a limb, or you simply want the best, compact kit for your travel snaps, weíve tested it all. Seriously, thereís even a drone in the line-upÖ what? Itís got a camera, okay.

Youíre gonna need something to edit all those brilliantly composed photographs on, right? Sure, you could tweak them on a desktop, but then you wouldnít be able to do it wearing a beret in a coffeeshop making frames with your thumbs and forefingers while sipping a skinny, decaf, hazelnut-flavoured Frappuccino. For that sort of peacocking you need something portable.

If the idea of buying a new laptop leaves you colder than the aforementioned coffee abomination, head on over to our Acer Predator competition (p30). Similarly, if a new camera is out of your reach, enter the LG Q7 competition (p48) and you could have a capable snapper heading your way in time for those before-and-after the 12-week fitness routine pics.

Until next month, they say the bird is on wing. But we all know thatís absurd. Because the wing, the wing is obviously on the bird. Duh.


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