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Jul/Aug 2018

Be authentic, be you...

The fitness industry is synonymous with trends and fads, but not all of them are positive.

Thankfully a new theme of positivity is gathering momentum across fitness-focused social media channels, and it's truly re

Driven by a growing number of prominent industry figures and fitness celebs, the #BeAuthentic message is helping to shift how this lifestyle is portrayed. More importantly, though, it's reframing the reasons why women should choose to eat healthfully and get active every day.

You see, to be authentic means to craft your approach – what you do inside the gym and the prep you put into your nutrition – according to your life's passion.

What starts out for most of us as the mere act of trying to be healthy and fit, ends up becoming a deeper connection with how being fit makes you feel more alive.

And when you're guided by passion, you're no longer just fit, you live fit. It informs the choices you make every day, from every meal and every gym session, to what you read, who you engage with and what time you choose to go to bed. It's an all consuming passion that fuels every aspect of your life.

You can't fake this passion, and those who exude this passion will never been seen as fake. That's why authenticity is proving to be so powerful and so refreshing in our social media-driven world, which is dominated by fake news and photoshopped and manipulated body transformation pics.

And amidst this sea of fakeness, it can be hard, if not impossible, to find the real you, especially when you're busy consuming someone else's life. We can't overstate this enough, but perhaps it's time to disconnect from social media for a while, or at the very least, ruthlessly edit your feeds to only follow those who champion authenticity.

By over analysing other people and what makes them popular, you'll likely fall into the 'all or nothing' mindset that plagues so many who aspire to lead a fitness-focused lifestyle. While the idea of training mean and eating clean 24/7 is aspirational, for the 95% of us who are not professional athletes and have careers and families, trying to live up to this idealised fitness lifestyle only serves to stress us out. What's more is that it won't bring you closer to finding balance or achieving your goal, whatever that might be.

It's therefore time that you got real and defined what being fit means to you. It's time that you stopped consuming and following other people's ideals and started producing your own story. Once you realise that the conformist view of 'fit' doesn't fit with everyone, you'll be free to find and follow your true passion.

Once you do, your goals, your approach and your beliefs will be authentic to you, which is arguably the most potent form of motivation there is – intrinsic motivation. And who couldn't do with a potent shot of motivation, particularly during the frigid winter months?

Enjoy this issue!


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