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May 2018
   The Gardener

Oh how we love public holidays! On every public holiday I get into gardening overdrive. In fact, the world often ceases to exist when I get stuck into my garden. We have been spoilt over the past month with marshmallow eggs, compost and gorgeous plants, so I was bitterly disappointed when I realised that there was only one such day for me in May. Damn!

On the bright side, one public holiday is better than none, and with all the inspiration the lies on the pages of this magazine, well, you are going to need that extra day in the garden.

With us all being mindful of water, we tackled a topic that has caused many gardeners pain and disappointment – hanging baskets. Oh yes, many of us have tried to achieve the gorgeous flowing abundance of oozing colour, but somehow something has gone wrong. Mostly this is down to water, care, lighting and time, so we have toned it down and simplified the whole process. How about a semi-permanent option with way less water usage and great looks? Take a look at our three options, which all have vibrant colours and textures – the added ‘pop’ will add a new dimension to hanging baskets!

With the crisp mornings snapping at our heels, one herb that we all love disappears for the winter – sweet basil. Luckily there is an alternative – look out for columnar basil; she’s a beaut and you can harvest it all year round, and it does not make seed so there is no need to worry about the plant disappearing. Great flavours are trapped in their small leaves and it’s a neat, compact plant – an all-round winner!

Top of the pops for me in this month’s issue is ‘Autumn in bloom’ on page 14. We are all reminded that autumn is indeed our second spring, with loads of plants showing off their colours! It’s the perennial grand parade! The plants featured are all regulars in my own garden because they tick all the boxes: they are tough, water-wise, produce loads of flowers and are easy to care for. I hope you seek out a few of these to add to your garden this autumn.

Till next month
Happy gardening,


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