:: Editor's Letter
November/December 2017

If, like me, you get a little nervous about staying active around holiday time, then this issue is dedicated to you. The thing I fear most is falling out of the groove I've worked so hard to create – you know, that routine that's worked so well all year to keep you on track. And once you've lost it, it feels near impossible to get it back.

So the question then is, how does one maintain the groove while still enjoying a well-deserved break? It's summer time and as they say: 'sun's out, guns out!'. If you're planning on hitting the beach, the pool, or even the bushveld, keeping active should not be a chore. Here are my top 3 tips that keep my training in check when holiday time rolls around.

1. Change it up.
It's definitely time you do something different to your normal weekly workout. Now is a good time to try full-body sessions or different training techniques like Tabatas or other circuit-style workouts. If these already form part of your workout staples, then change the equipment you use.

2. Plan ahead.
It's not a good idea to rely on your memory or imagination to conjure up effective workouts on the go. Ensure you have something noted down to keep you on track with your workout before you start your training session.

3. Try make a nutritional commitment.
It's not just about staying active, it's about keeping a healthy lifestyle. In the past I've done short-term projects to keep me on track, using social media to post these daily commitments. As an example, during my #novemberproject I plan to cut out sugar and make other daily workout commitments for the month. Check out the hashtag on Instagram for specific examples of what I'm doing. If you know your weakness is not drinking enough water, or getting your fill of veggies every day, then use that as an opportunity to create your own mini self-improvement project. Or invest some time to improve your culinary skills by exploring various ways to cook flavoursome healthful meals that you would otherwise be too busy to try.

To give you even more inspiration and ideas, we've asked the fitness travel guru Jen Jewell for her top travel tips. Check out the fitness girl's holiday survival guide, where she shares info on how to keep it fun while travelling. Couple this with her medicine ball total-body blast for a complete 'plan of action'.

But, most importantly, make sure you have some fun this holiday. You've earned it.


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