:: Editor's Letter
Issue 147 September 2017


Obtaining your nutrients from high-quality foods is the key to health. Unfortunately, our food nowadays is largely devitalised and nutrient poor, even many certified organic foods. Some people take supplements, but vitam
ins and minerals from powder or pill bottles are not the same as nutrients matrixed in wholesome foods. Research in nutrition focuses on the health effects of whole food products. In fact, a food product as a whole is more than the sum of its nutrients. Scientists call this the food matrix.

Furthermore, well-grown foods contain an abundance of phytonutrients that cannot be crammed into a vitamin pill!

Most people do not get optimum nutrition. You can be empowered to optimise health by consuming foods that are grown for greatly increased nutrient density. Nutrition-grown foods that are grown well also taste delicious!

Grow your own or otherwise obtain them by working together with a local farmer or gardener. I hope this type of growing will catch on in a big way, and someday you will be able to buy these foods at your local markets.

Producing nutrition-grown foods starts with getting the soil balanced with a full array of minerals, beneficial microbes and organic matter. Choose plant varieties that can uptake lots of nutrients and produce high amounts of healthful phytonutrients. Further nurture your plants with love and nutritional foliar sprays, and you will take responsibility for and grow your own nutritional status!

It’s springtime, and the right time to go out and start preparing your soil and plant more than flowers – plant health! You can use a brix reading (with the use of a refractometer) to keep track of your food quality. I do like the video channel www.growingyourgreens.com as John inspires as he teaches to grow your own. In one episode John explains what the refractometer does and why it is so important not only to measure the sugar content in the fruits and vegetables you are growing but how it can also be used to determine the nutrient quality of the food. In addition, he shares the three most important ways you can improve the brix scores of the produce you grow.

I hope you will be inspired to either start gardening or take your gardening to the next level. Nature is the best healer and I am sure the benefits of extra sun, exercise and grounding on the earth will show in your smile!

We would like to welcome Dr Majwala Major, BA SS Hons, MA SS (Safety, Health and Environmental Management), PhD, on our expert panel. Dr Major is a researcher and environmentalist with special interest in social medicine, community-based health care and application of natural medicines as a sustainable solution. He is the President of Sustainable World Initiative – East Africa, a research and public policy think-tank on health, food security and sustainable development. Read his first article ‘The case for marijuana as HIV medicine, in our next issue.

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