:: Editor's Letter
Issue 145 July 2017

Aloha Hawaii - my healing island...

It is 6 am and I awake to loud bird song outside my door. I open the mozzie screen and step outside into a hot tub filled with 75 litres of food grade hydrogen peroxide. Above me, a canopy of palm trees and next
to me is Tom Pace, still inspiring me as he did 25 years ago when he was instrumental to my career in health. He makes my morning superfood smoothie and feeds me supplements and talks about (now banned) effective ultraviolet therapies he used in his clinic. Gratefully I absorb the information and allow myself to be re-inspired over a cup of Kona coffee with honey and cinnamon.

Twenty-five years ago, I found myself in Hawaii mainland, fondly known as ‘the big island’. I was employed to assist Tom, the owner of Hokukano Ranch, in the development of a golf course. After an introductory seminar by reforestation and agriculture on the impact of a golf course on the ozone layer, I secretly hoped that the golf course would not be developed. I am so happy to say that Tom decided against it and instead donated a large piece of his land as a nature reserve. Tom introduced magnetic therapy into South Africa in the early 80s, way ahead of his time. He remained interested in health and had a health clinic/retreat on the ocean front where medical doctors offered various modalities and therapies such as ozone treatments and energy medicine, together with state-of-the-art technology. It was only natural for me to find my way back there and reconnect with Tom, learn more about the clinic he had and the treatments he invited me to try.

New experiences...
Two days after my arrival those many moons ago, Tom assisted with the birth of his brother’s son in the house I stayed in. Homebirth was a new concept for me and a far cry from the then standard hospital birth and ceasarean section practised so commonly in South Africa. I wanted to have a home birth one day!

I looked after the siblings of little baby Hardy, Catherine and Vanessa. There was something different about Catherine and she crawled into my heart – so much so that one of my daughters is named after her. It was during this trip, now, that I learnt about the extent of little Catherine’s struggle with a brain tumour that will be with her for the rest of her life. She was diagnosed when Hardy was barely two years old. Catherine survived and is an artist now. You can support her by purchasing her art and keep her motivated to continue painting.

Visit www.etsy.com/people/catherinepaceart.

The children ate muesli for breakfast with fruit juice (instead of milk), and snacked on organic fruit off the trees. Tom took me to my first ever health food store and I felt like a child in a sweet shop! I left with Acidophilus and spirulina and various other remedies I had no idea what they were for; and, I just wanted to learn more. I experienced Lomi-Lomi massage, chewed on raw ginger root, blessed a Buddhist temple, chanted, meditated and sat in a circle playing with singing bowls. It was a strange but wonderful experience that inspired me to seek out natural health practitioners, natural medicine and therapies upon my return to South Africa.

Ultimately, Hawaii was the birthplace of my inspiration for Natural Medicine magazine that I co-founded with my integrative doctor, Dr Bernard Brom, seven years later.

Don’t miss out on my travel journey by subscribing to our newsletter and like us on Facebook. I will post links to our Natural Medicine channel where I will be sharing interviews conducted during my trip, smoothie recipes and articles about various therapies such as IV treatment I received. Dr Margaret Dexter requested various blood tests and then ordered high dose nutritional supplements to be administered intravenously at her practice.

I interviewed ‘Dolphin Girl’, learned how to communicate with dolphins, and was so blessed to swim with her and dolphins on two occasions. Thank you Tom, Hardy senior, Margaret, Dove, Shawna, Gretchen, Sasha and all of you who made my experience unforgettable. Mahalo.

With Love,


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