:: Editor's Letter
July / August 2017

Okay, maybe it's not almost summer just yet, but spring is around the corner. By the time you read this, there might be another 6-8 weeks at most left of the cold. That means you have to come out of hibernation now... Panicking yet?

If, like
me, you've struggled a little with the cold this season (or maybe you were just too busy, or got sick) you might have missed one, two or ten sessions in the gym (or outdoors).

Whatever the reason that led you to slip back into a comfort zone of warm lattes and sleeping in, it's now time to get back on the wagon and find the mojo that got you started in the first place.

Here's what I've been doing to get over the winter blues...

1. Create a power playlist
Pick powerful and meaningful tunes and compile a playlist of the songs that get you amped. Sometimes all you need is that little 'vooma' of motivation.
MINE: Currently listening to the album Prisoner by The Jezabels.

2. Remember why you started
Revisit your goals and why you wanted to do this in the first place. By now I hope that you've made a vision board or documented your goals properly, even if it's just a collection of inspirational pins on Pintrest or a stack of magazines. Make a visual connection to your goals that serve as a reminder in tough times.
MINE: Currently have RedBull TV and PinkBike YouTube channels on repeat.

3. Collect clichéd motivational quotes
“The hardest part of starting, is indeed putting your shoes on.” I've memorised all the cheesy sayings and have them on repeat in my head when I want to skip a workout.
“You can have results or excuses, not both...”
“Results don't work unless you do.”

“Don't be upset by the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do!”

4. Get a commitment device
Use a platform like social media, get a regular group workout together with friends, or get a fitness tracker. There are many ways and means to keep you accountable when motivation levels are a little low.

Buddy Up: To help you get over the winter hump and build a butt for spring, check out our workout on page 36 that you and your bestie can do together.
Or check out our 'Boost your benefits' article on how to earn more Discovery Vitality points (page 61).

MINE: I've committed to WattBike sessions indoors, and a group that I ride with on weekends.

5. Reorganise your time
If your day is more flexible, rather than abandoning your fitness activities try rescheduling commitments so that you make time for everything. We sometimes place pressure on ourselves to conform to what people perceive as 'normal' schedules or working times. If it works for you to wake up early to get some work done, and then hit the gym or get outdoors when it's warmer, it's worth giving it a try.

MINE: I've shifted 2 hours of work time around, 2 days a week, to make space for riding my bike when it's warmer outside. (It's amazing how much you get done between 5-7am when nobody is around to bug you at work)

6. Change it up
If you're not training for something specific, like stepping on stage or competing in a race, then it's maybe time to find yourself something new to work towards. Setting new goals, especially strength-building or endurance goals, might just be what you need to reignite your mojo.

MINE: I'm training to race! My aim is to reach a podium in the sub-vet category that I compete in. (See what I did there, I'm using you as my 'commitment device'!)

So, get cracking, refocus and re-prioritise – summer will be here before you know it!


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