:: Editor's Letter
May/June 2017

Cultivate your inner strength...

In this issue we celebrate #StrongWomen: Outer resilience, inner resolve. Paging through this issue of fitness you'll find wisdom that extends beyond just creating a lean and sexy body, offering a more compreh
ensive blueprint to creating a #strong you, emotionally and mentally, too.

What does being a strong woman mean to you? For me, it's the capacity to withstand tough times, not just under a loaded barbell, but the ability to also tackle challenging times head on. We've all been there, facing situations that test our resolve. So it comes as no surprise that we approached Hlubi Mboya Arnold to spearhead this issue as we launch our #StrongWomen series. Tenacious and tough are but a few words that best describe this energetic pocket rocket. As an adventurer, athlete, activist and actress, her unique flair will certainly leave you (and the world) with a lasting impression.

Inside, you'll also find 7 other #StrongWomen who will motivate and inspire you.

Lil speaks about how, biomechanically, our bodies differ to those of men, and tells us how to approach training to maximise our physical strength – to literally lift like a lady.

Learn how a better body powers high-flying businesswoman Erna Basson. Read about the inner strength she built to face obstacles head on and bring about a powerful physical and emotional transformation in her life.

Fitness and nutrition expert and wellness coach Cara-Lisa shows us how to connect mind and body to build inner strength and resilience, with 5 yoga poses to improve digestion, along with the perfect yoga sequence to start your day the right way.

Laetitia shares her tips on how to enjoy the journey to improved health and fitness, and a better body with 3 strong strategies to mitigate feelings of guilt and keeping self-shame in check.

Nicole 'Hardcore' Warburg is back, demonstrating the first in a series of Form First features. This will help you improve your form and technique for a more advanced approach, which will ensure you build a strong foundation from which to create your best body.

To literally get better at everything, give cross training a go. Elite OCR athlete Carina Marx takes us through a tough but effective cross-training programme to help you develop all-round functional fitness and strength (to take over the world!)

And local fitness icon and new mom, Angelique, takes us through a day in her life, to show us how she keeps it all together when balancing motherhood, a professional career and fitness.

There is a movement in the air as our supportive community of #StrongWomen grows. We're looking for someone like you to inspire, uplift and cultivate the next wave of fitness ambassadors. Become an influencer and help shape the next generation – our daughters – to be stronger and more resilient.

- Tanja


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