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Jan/Feb 2017
   Muscle Evolution

Discipline before motivation...

Motivation is not the same as discipline. We live in a day and age where it is difficult to get up and to get going when there is no one waiting for you at the gym. It is easier to hit snooze than getting an early s
tart. We constantly need someone to kick our butt to complete a workout. This is all nice and dandy, but at the end of the day everything is solely on you to make a difference in your own life.

A training partner is invaluable if you are fortunate enough to find one who is reliable, but it must be someone who will not baby you and bail you out when the going gets tough. You cannot blame your trainer or coach or an app if you fail to reach your goals. Discipline means you have to make sacrifices to train. You need to do whatever it takes. While it is great to have someone pushing you to overcome barriers, you cannot wait around for that someone to help guide you to your goal. Time is limited and before you know it, yours on this earth will be over too.

There is rampant conjecture in the strength and fitness industry. Everyone is an expert and there are endless exercise and programming possibilities out there. Having so much information and unlimited options is useless if you canít translate and apply it appropriately. Think training levels, training goals, recovery protocols and commitment to those protocols and the ability to regulate your training without abandoning the main principles.

You need to persevere and find your own way through all of this to break down mental and physical barriers. You donít all of a sudden become a hero if you drop a bucket of sweat in the gym. You have to work on your capacity to lift, day in and day out. Plain and simple. Do the work without anyone watching. A lot of people obsess about their workouts and their diets. They obsess about who is watching them. They measure their self-worth through the looks they get from others. Letís be honest here Ė everyone wants to look good in the mirror, but they lack the discipline to do what it takes. Only you have the power to change your life. No one can ever be 100 percent behind you like you can. If you donít have confidence in yourself and if you donít believe in what you need to do, donít expect anyone else to believe in you.

Training must always have a purpose. People are generally weak and donít want to push their own limits. We live and watch ourselves on YouTube, we take selfies when we break a new record in the gym or when our muscles start popping, but what do we do when we fall behind, miss a lift or feel depressed and demotivated? No one watches or pushes the record button when we lose the plot.

Adapt, improvise and overcome should be the mantra of more lifters because there are always obstacles in the way of your goals.

This is not about another New Yearís resolution where you make a promise to yourself to bomb the hell out of everything in the gym in 2017. This is about finding a solid reason to train and to make progress. To read, think and talk to others with experience and to do things on a continuous basis that will elicit a training response. Everything should not just start and stop in what you see in the mirror.

Getting motivated is easy, but turning it into discipline takes hard work and time. You learn something about yourself when you grind through an extra rep at the end of your last set of squats or deadlifts. And I believe that everyone has the capacity to execute that extra rep.

No one talks about or shoots a video of you walking into the gym tired, overworked and stressed, yet still succeeding in spite of life. It is a true lesson in mind strength when that happens.

It is discipline before motivation.



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