:: Editor's Letter
Jan/Feb 2017

Commit to be fit in 2017...

The New Year always brings with it the motivation and enthusiasm to try different things. This means gyms are packed and personal trainers are at their busiest.

The reset switch has been flipped and you feel capable
of achieving even greater feats and are ready to try just about anything. So, what 'new thing' will it be this year? Have you had a serious think about your goals for 2017?

If you're a die-hard gym gal, consider changing it up by hitting the trails or joining a park run, dabble in the world of CrossFit, or attempt an OCR event and get a good dose of vitamin D and mud.

Make use of that renewed enthusiasm and set your sights on self-improvement. While fitness is an on-going lifestyle choice and a never-ending personal journey, if you're looking for a project with a shorter term horizon, why not try a 30-day challenge? By breaking the rut you're in and keeping things interesting, you might learn more about yourself and help shape those 2017 goals.

A few weeks before 2017 hit, I did some serious thinking about what fitness-related commitments might be in my future and what my goals for the New Year should be. I like to be ahead of the game, able to hit the ground running when Jan 1 rolls around.

In November I did a self-improvement experiment, using Instagram as a commitment device to see where my weaknesses lie. (Catch me on @tanja_at_fitnessmag or check my blog about the #NovemberProject).

The findings we pretty surprising. Making the daily commitment to be honest and forthcoming about what I managed to do (or not do) on the day, made me work harder every day to improve. It also revealed that my biggest problem was “time”, or rather the lack thereof. (I tracked 5 metrics daily; sleep, diet, no sugar, stretching and being active.)

The takeaway from my little experiment was that dieting or cutting out sugar, even coffee, for prolonged periods of time was easy – it's simply about willpower. However, making the time to always get a good workout in proved to be a major effort. And if you think about it, it takes less effort (and time) to turn down a bad meal than it does getting in a 60-minute HIIT workout.

I now know that my greatest weakness is time, which put into perspective the popular saying that “you don't find the time, you make it”.

So, where will 2017 take you?


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