SOUTH :: Editor's Letter
Spring 2016

When you live in a temperate climate such as the Garden Route, it is easy to disregard the significance of seasons.

When vegetation remains green and the cold stays no longer than a few days at a time in winter, it is difficult to recognise when
exactly the seasons begin and end.

I think, in the same way, we sometimes fail to recognise when the seasons of our lives are coming to a close – or we choose to ignore the early signs that a new phase is upon us.

Every season has its pains and pleasures, but it is the purpose that counts. Whether it is rest, rejuvenation, growth or winding down, may you embrace your season in light of its intention – to make you strong, beautiful and able.

In this issue of South, we remind ourselves of the good things we enjoy every season in Eden – good schools, great golf courses, many world-class artisan bread bakers, lush green forests, beautiful art and significant people.

Happy Spring – it’s going to be a good one!


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