SOUTH :: Editor's Letter
Summer 2015/16

I was going to write about the Garden Route being like a good book or movie – a form of escapism. How, like a good book or movie, it remains with you long after you’ve moved on. And how you will probably return to re-experience the beauty, memories and peace.

While all these things are true, some of the articles in this issue reminded me how tough it can be to make
a living here. I admired all over again the smarts, tenacity and plain old hard work people have put in to stick it out here when the going gets tough.

In our human interest articles there is a thread of endurance in the face of change. Whether it is building a business, creating art or writing a town’s history, each one has survived their particular truth and continues to do so against the odds.

Change is constant, and South is also changing. You may have noticed a switch from high gloss to more environmentally sustainable paper. After five years of making this magazine beautiful, our Cape Town-based art director, Sean Robertson, is passing on the reins and, while we will miss his input, we look forward to using a Garden Route-based team to take up the challenge.

No doubt, the nature-inspired creativity will endure.
I hope this issue inspires you. May it entice you to go outdoors, eat local food and visit a beautiful place – and tempt you to come back for more. Like a good book or movie, I hope you find realistic escapism in South.


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