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Dec 2015/Jan 2016
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What On Earth Do I Have To Celebrate?

There’s nothing left… I cannot hear the music anymore. What is there to celebrate?

I can hear an inner voice creep up inside of me and ask that which so many fear asking lest we test condemnation. What am
I celebrating? Why are we forced to celebrate each time we get to this time of the year when we’ve been here before, possibly even more hyped than we are now?

So often editors are pressured to regurgitate what research says readers want to hear. We buckle under the immense pressure of selling copies and forget that the reader is so much smarter than number crunching. There’s the call to chant for futile celebrations and pump up women with sensationalism, particularly this time of the year.

Dare I be so brave as to interrogate the socially accepted festive messages by asking you what on earth are you celebrating? Are you caught up by the pheromones released into the air that get you to shop for longer? Did the Christmas carols get you all fired up? Did you actually achieve the resolutions you set out to do a year ago?

Woman, celebrate you! Celebrate the steps where you were surefooted and the mishaps where you faltered. Celebrate the colour of your skin that matches with the earth where gods and terrestrials tread. Celebrate the breath within that continued to exhale even after it could not inhale anymore. My favourite celebration in this issue is the bikini fashion, where Essays Of Africa presents gorgeous women who celebrate their full figures in super-hot bathing suits. You have never seen this in any African magazines!

Dance over the milestones you have encountered and rejoice over yourself. Beat the drum of Africa within you and chant because your victory lies in the power you have harnessed when no one was watching. The stars inside of you shone best in the night that you thought was overcoming you, sustaining you and leading you home.

Take stock of yourself. Tap into that dynamic energy that lies within you, the power that continues even after you have been overlooked and discarded. Celebrate your sanity that barely held on, but faithfully remained intact despite the hardships you have endured.

You may be brittle, but there’s life in you yet – the fruit that needed to die to bear new possibilities. I invite you to celebrate and take stock of where you got it right and where you missed the mark? I say this because I truly believe that you are worth it! I believe in the colour of your dreams. I believe in you!

Go for it, girl! You’re wiser, better, more prepared… The best is yet to come, girlfriend. Enter your season and bloom. I can’t wait to receive my ‘Dear Editor’ letters telling me to “look what the LORD has done’ and your essays with “You won’t believe what happened to me and what I did!” I’m waiting… Write that awesome journey of your life.

Let me thank and salute the following:
•I salute you powerful readers for constantly keeping us on our toes this past year! It’s been an exciting journey of heart-to-heart conversations.
•I thank God for my hard-working, super-talented team of 99 percent women and one percent men! I thank you for your dedication and passion, and for making this dream come true.
•Thank you to our advertisers and the retailers that believe and embrace change, and support young upcoming black women-owned companies.
•My one and only Zäawi’ – thank you, my angel, for your love and support. You are the key reason that Mama keeps going and to celebrate us.

It has never been easy; God has been good to us again. Wishing you the very best festive season and a prosperous 2016! Heppie!

We love you all!

Nawaal and the Team: Essays Of Africa


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