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Apr / May / Jun - 18th Edition
   GINJA Food & Lifestyle Magazine

'Out of the mouths of babes’...

To paint the picture, I recently had a get together with some of my really special friends, two of whom you are all bound to know; Chef Benny Masekwameng and radio presenter Darren Maule. As one does at a bra
ai, I decided to show off my fancy new braai equipment topped off with just “to die for” braai vleis!

Now with two chefs one would think nothing could go wrong, and if you’re over the age of seven, nothing did. So we finish braaing and gather around the outside table to eat when Darren’s little one walks up with a chop in hand and a most disgruntled look on her face. She looks up at us and quite annoyed asks “who cooked the meat?”! To which Chef Benny replies, “it was me,” her response, “…you burnt it!” our response… priceless! And so, this became the inspiration behind the pages before you. This month we delve into the carnivore, and I suppose, more “MANLY” side of life. We investigate some of the best quality meat South Africa has to offer alongside only the most extraordinary chefs around. To seal the deal, we found the perfect toys for boys, in the kitchen that is!

So before I give too much away, take out your aprons get your steak knives ready and take a bite of this sumptuous edition!

Happy Cooking!

Chef Jacqui Brown


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