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April 2015
   Fast Company South Africa

Productive productivity...

I've always found it fascinating how some people seem to have more time to accomplish their various goals. How does one individual manage to accomplish so much within a day, a month or even a year, while some of us
need more time to do the very same?

The question made it a pleasure to put together this issue, as I was looking forward to having it answered. As we took a closer look into the lifestyle choices, habits, motivations and philosophies that some of our subjects live by, one aspect became apparent: Despite some of them living in South Africa and some in the United States, they have a lot in common. To sum it all up, our subjects unanimously affirmed that hard work, honest work, dedicated work, smart work, inspirational work and an unwavering determination were key to their attaining so many goals.

These people come from a wide spectrum of disciplines, from CEOs to surgeons and designers, but the fact is: There is no substitute for work, regardless of one's industry or sector. The biggest secret is also the most common knowledge: Work and more work is the key. Letís work alert, work smart and work toward making things different.

Another highlight in this issue is the coverage of race relations in Silicon Valley. Despite the fact that African-Americans make up 13.2% of the US population, only 1% are among technology workers at Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Twitter. The staggering fact is that only 16% of whites online use Twitter while 22% of online blacks do. Fast Company US editor Robert Safian highlighted that this is actually a missed opportunity for some of the tech giants, as they may not be activating a relevant market segment.

The magician behind Madame Zingara, Richard Griffin, tells us more about his famous venture (and misadventure) while another personal favourite is the feature on virtual work, which looks at the growing trend of telecommuting - particularly among women. It has not only entrenched itself internationally but also locally.

Read it, enjoy it, question it - but above all, work hard to achieve those goals.


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