MEETINGS :: Editor's Letter
March/April 2015

Found – one
silver lining

Lately, it seems that every local news
outlet is reporting on doom and gloom.
Sure it is rather alarming that because
of the shenanigans of Eskom, South Africa is
literally stuck in the dark ages. And yes, we are
ing to have to pay more taxes and more for
fuel but, while we are on this pothole-covered
road, let us not forget our sense of humour.
Let’s face the fact that our industry is filled
with humorous tales. It is important to be
able to laugh at ourselves and the situations
in which we find ourselves. After all, laughter
is said to be the best medicine. My favourite
event mishap involves a troop of mischievous
monkeys and is sure to tickle your funny bone.
Here is the first-hand account from the event
planner: “While a venue in the great outdoors
can make for a stunning event, it does come
with its own challenges. While we’d prepared
for any eventuality, the one thing we hadn’t
counted on was being outsmarted by a troop
of marauding monkeys. Yes, that’s right, an
event consisting of 200 delegates was almost
brought to a standstill, thanks to a bunch
of apes. We’d compiled luxury welcome
Endorsed by baskets for the entire guest list; unfortunately, the local
monkeys mistook these for
an early Christmas present.
“A miscommunication
with the venue in question
resulted in the event managing team having
to pack and deliver welcome baskets to our
guests’ rooms at the last minute. Since the
venue had originally said they’d do this for
us, we didn’t have keys to the rooms. This
didn’t seem to be a problem until we realised
that as soon as we’d put the edible welcome
gifts outside each room, a troop of gleeful
monkeys would descend on what they no
doubt thought of as manna from heaven. An
amusing scenario – for everyone except the
event planning team.”
At least the team learned some valuable
lessons and a silver lining was found. I would
like to believe that the monkey business that is
going on in our parliament will produce its own
silver lining. Until then, try not to focus on
the bad; look at the funny side of life. If that
doesn’t work, I know this issue of Meetings
will keep the blues away.
Enjoy the read,


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