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February/March 2015
   Fast Company South Africa

We are in an age where multitasking and thinking on our feet are the norm. We really do not have much time to reflect, self-congratulate and compliment, or even bask in past glories. If 2014 was an important year, then 2015 should be even more significant.

When I first came across the term ‘Generation Flux’, I was both excited and curious. After delving deeper and doing some research, many things in modern business made sense.

Generation Flux is a term that was coined by Fast Company US editor and managing director, Robert Safian. He explains that the dizzying velocity of change in the modern economy has made chaos the defining feature of business.

He argues that new companies and industries now rise and fall faster than ever. Accepted models for success are proving vulnerable, and pressure is building on giants such as GE and Nokia, as their historic advantages of scale and efficiency run up against the benefits of agility and quick course corrections. Meanwhile, the bonds between employer and employee, and between brands and their customers, are more tenuous than ever.

The term ‘Generation Flux’ describes the people who will thrive best in this environment. It is a psychographic, not a demographic. In other words, it is not limited to age but rather particular characteristics that will enable certain individuals to thrive. GenFlux characteristics include an embrace of adaptability and flexibility; an openness to learning from any individual or environment, and a decisiveness tempered by the knowledge that business life today can shift radically. In essence, nothing is cast in stone.

GenFlux is not only limited to business owners but also to employees. You can be a Generation Flux employee at any age as long as you tailor your lifestyle to the new way of doing things in order to thrive.

A mindset that embraces instability, tolerates recalibrating careers, while moving away from assumptions and works smart is key.

Our first issue for the year will try to give you an overview of how to achieve this. There are various fascinating narratives: from a local 13-year-old computer whiz-kid, a South African artist who has earned global recognition, to an international multi-award winning actor.

The highlight is the South African exclusive we have on Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. For the first time ever, he reveals some fascinating details on the founding of the company and his relationship with Steve Jobs.

Enjoy it, soak it in, question it—but above all, apply what you learn. I personally hope 2015 will be one of progress and breaking new ground.

Evans Manyonga


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