GINJA Food & Lifestyle Magazine :: Editor's Letter
Dec/Jan - 16th Edition
   GINJA Food & Lifestyle Magazine

There’s two things about this time of year that just make it seem absolutely magical. Firstly, is that one ingredient that just seems to scream “Christmas”. For me it is undoubtedly Christmas mince pies. I couldn’t think of anything more satisfying than the gorgeous crunchy pastry encasing the most luscious brandy infused fruit mince. Just thinking about them has me smiling! And secondly, is the overwhelming feeling I get when I am able to show my gratitude to colleagues, friends and family for being such an important part of my life by spoiling them with gifts.

That’s what you can expect from this edition of Ginja. My team and I have travelled far and wide
to bring the most spectacular ideas and recipes
that will capture the very meaning of Christmas.
In conjunction with our loyal business partners we are able to indulge you in an amazing thirteen days of giveaways and not to mention other spectacular prizes that will make everyday seem like Christmas! Then, just as you think we really can’t cram any more festivities into one little mag, we bring you perfect recipes to ring in the New Year.

So make sure you stop to taste your Christmas in the making this year, and adapt as you go along, picking your own magical ingredients. If you’d like some ideas to start with, mine include simplicity, laughter, good company, serenity, giving thanks
and spontaneity.

Wishing you a magical Christmas and prosperous New Year!



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