Mfenendala  :: Editor's Letter
8th Issue


At the beginning of the year, we celebrated our first year anniversary as Mfenendala Magazine and with 2014 being our second year in operation, we are looking forward to what promises to be a very productive year for M
fenendala Communications in general and the magazine in particular.

When you sit around a table and brainstorm on starting a new magazine, you are taking a gamble as – even though your intentions and dreams are honourable – there are no guarantees on how well it will be received by its intended audience. This is the conundrum we were faced with, together with the CEO Amanda Xaba, when we dreamt up the concept. Fast forward by just over a year and here we are, having come out once every second month since inception, we will now be coming out every month going forward. This is a major milestone for a magazine that has survived for this long without any major sources of funding – through advertising or otherwise.

This magazine exists largely because of a sense of responsibility to restore and relay the history of the liberation struggle of this country so that it does not disappear into oblivion and die out. We wanted to source the information first hand, starting with families of the fallen heroes so that history is not distorted or misrepresented. This is a major responsibility, considering the sensitivity and vastness of the information we have to process and edit. Because the information is political by its very nature, it also entails treading very carefully as the history is not documented and there are therefore various versions of the same story, in many instances.

Having chosen to write on late struggle stalwarts from the Moses Mabhida region initially, it became very clear that the magazine would have to be much more frequent, if we are going to get through the regional heroes so that we can get going in earnest with liberation heroes from other regions in KwaZulu-Natal and further afield in South Africa. Having met various public and private figures in the past few months, I have more than stressed the importance of them coming on board to see what role they can play in ensuring that our rich and diverse history is not lost. The way I see it, the history of our liberation should long have been incorporated into the pre-university curriculum by now, let alone integrating it into other various levels of our education system.

History does tend to repeat itself if and when everything that has happened and taken place is not shared with generations that come after ground-breaking events. The risk we are taking by not properly documenting our history is that the so-called “Born Frees” will not appreciate the sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears that went with acquiring our democracy.

As a consequence, they will then treat the fruits of the liberation with disdain and contempt. Having had discussions with “BornFrees” in the past and quizzed them about this and that of the past, you will be surprised how they respond upon hearing about realities of the past. They think it's stuff taken out of Hollywood scripts whereas this is stuff that took place and it is people of origin in this country that got together to defeat the enemy that was apartheid.

Some superpowers were in cohorts with the evil apartheid government and the people of this country stood up against all these forces. What kind of life do we want our children to lead if we do not tell them the truth about what happened in the past and how this country got to where it is today?

While we await for various stakeholders to join us and hold us by the hand in this honourable mission to preserve and protect that which is dear to all South Africans, which is our history, we will continue to take it a step at a time in playing our role in advancing the legacy of the liberation movement!


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