GINJA Food & Lifestyle Magazine :: Editor's Letter
May - 12th Edition
   GINJA Food & Lifestyle Magazine

The year seems to be moving at a rate of knots! Just the other day we were discussing salads and braai’s, and now we’re on the brink of winter!

This past month has been a whirlwind of new beginnings for Ginja. We saw the launch of the magazine i
nto Woolworths and the opening of our branch in Cape Town. We have added two new sections; over the coals – a monthly crit on food and letters from our readers, both of which I am quite sure will stir a few emotions.

All this change of pace got me to thinking of the proverbial “life” we work so hard to plan right down to the second, when in actual fact, life is what is happening whilst we are planning!

I was chatting to Jenny Crwys-Williams on radio 702 recently, and one of her questions was based on the fact I decided to “up and start a magazine”. Looking back, yes I suppose any normal person would have taken up sewing or mountain biking! Assessing the year that has past however has only just affirmed what I know in my heart. Food is my foundation, it’s my guide through life and it’s my pillar of strength. It really is one of the more difficult industries to be in however, if it’s in your blood it’s here to stay.

Each and every monthly publication is put together by my small team and I in the hope to captivate, entice and no doubt make you hunger for all that is culinary. So, in answer to the question; “you just up and started a magazine?” Yes, I did just do that. I did that and so much more, I managed to share the very thing that defines me as a person; food.

Yours in food,
Jacqui Brown


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