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March/April 2014

More muscle – it’s a win-win...

A tell-tale sign of a dedicated fitness girl is lean and toned shoulders. Personally I think there’s nothing sexier than showing off your hard work by wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder shirt. Achieving this is
relatively simple, albeit not always easy.

To have well sculpted shoulders, or any other body part for that matter, requires the addition of lean muscle to your frame. Simply put, you have to build muscle with weights. Many women shy away from using these “muscling up” terms – after all, girls shouldn’t get big and bulky.

But being toned is nothing more than having some muscle and a relatively low body fat percentage. It’s nothing fancy or complicated – you have to build muscle and lose fat. Simple. However, these are two different goals. As such training styles differ for both, as does eating.

When we refer to building muscle we talk about shaping and firming the body, adding sexy curves and accentuating femininity with a strong, lean body. And as you increase lean muscle you also improve your body’s ability to burn fat more efficiently. To me that sounds like a win-win.

To get you started we put together a workout that utilises 10 basic moves that, when combined in different workouts or circuits, will yield great results. Combining this with the other info in fitness will put you on the path to a lean and strong athletic physique… And make sure you page to our “sexy midsection” feature to finish off your dream body with sculpted abs!
Own your life
As 2014 speeds onwards, here are a few things to remember that will help keep you focused:
1. Make your own needs a priority. If you are not looking after your needs and making your happiness a priority, who else will (or would want to)? Once you can meet your own needs it’s much easier to effectively and happily meet those of the people around you.
2. Focus on the positives. Accept that life will throw you a few curveballs, just change the way you approach them. Instead of seeing the negative, look for positive spinoffs or alternatives. Keep in mind that you also learn a great deal and grow stronger during challenging times.
3. Find true value in everything you do. Whether it’s something you do for yourself or others, it has to carry important meaning for you, which ultimately contributes to your own happiness. We often act without knowing or appreciating the reason, which results in acts of kindness going unnoticed.
Check out my blog on www.fitnessmag.co.za for more motivational tips and keep those fitness fires burning!


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