Destiny Man  :: Editor's Letter
March/April 2011
   Destiny Man

In the blink of an eye, we are already starting to make inroads into 2011. We have reached the breaking point for many a New Year’s resolution and are silently looking towards Easter for our next moment of respite, although it often seems we need holidays from our holidays, considering the level of commitment and effort given to time off. Just the other day, we were crawling back into the office, easing ourselves into the work, constantly crossing out “2010” to write “2011”.

We are all capable. We are all multi-talented but, in determining our end goal, and working towards it, we also avoid spending time on the things that distract, even if we are capable of achieving them. It is easy to get distracted but, as is the case when silence says more than the words spoken, we cannot do everything.

Randall Abrahams, our cover star, lives this fully. The idea we have of him is defined by his work on Idols, but there is more beneath the surface than imagined, including a single-minded commitment to his passion and his work. And many of the men, women, brands and businesses profiled on the pages that follow, as well as the DESTINY MAN website (, are where they are because they are focused on what they do best and are living lifetimes.
We trust that you are doing the same.




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