:: Editor's Letter
June / July 2009

Welcome good readers to a revamped Odyssey magazine. As with the changing seasons and the rolling past of the years, everything must adapt and reformulate itself from time to time. So too with Odyssey, which in this edition marks its entry into its 33rd year of life.

It's interesting to look back to those Odysseys of three decades ago. Aside from two-colour covers, they were uniformly printed in black & white, and were brave and quaint at the same time, treading into territory so very nearly beyond the pale merely for the fact that they considered 'alternative' belief systems, like Zen and Buddhism, or herbalism and energetic healing. Now, most of what Odyssey was back then just beginning to explore has become the stuff of mainstream magazines and culture; only the very extreme fundamentalists reject massage therapy, yoga, reflexology or Ayurvedic medicine as 'bad' or even 'evil'.

Today, to talk of body, mind and soul is simply to sound like someone who is taking in the whole picture of our experience, rather than focusing on only a narrow perspective of what it is to be human.

As the 'mainstream' has come closer to Odyssey's 'traditional turf', so Odyssey has evolved, its dialogue with readers becoming more sophisticated.

The time has come for Odyssey to no longer be a home merely for 'alternatives' (in the sense that certain ideas identified with 'fringe' sub-cultures might be called 'alternative'). This magazine has come of age, becoming, we believe, one of a very few local publications to have survived and thrived as many years as it has. It is time that it proudly displays the full bloom of the accumulated knowledge and experience which has been expressed between the covers of over 175 editions.
What that means for you, the reader, is that we are moving into a conversation that reflects an entirely different world to that into which Odyssey was born of a July day in 1977. Much of what you will see will have to do with subtleties of design, presentation and lay-out; the emphasis will be on accessibility, pleasing visuals and a sense that, what was once seen as 'esoteric' is, in fact, perfectly ordinary and part and parcel of living holistically.

Holistic lifestyle means just what it sounds like – all aspects of modern living, taken together to make a whole that is greater than the parts, and which are working towards an integrity that provides an experience of life that is fuller, more completely reflecting who we really are. This means that we are not limited to any one set of subjects; little is taboo. Indeed, it is in the very places where the anomalies live that we find the most interesting information.

This truism applies across the board, from the hardest of hard sciences, like physics – where the study of the sub-atomic realm has led us into the sort of inside-out 'Down the Rabbit Hole' perception of reality with which Superman would have felt at home in Bizarro World – right through to whether human consciousness is entirely bound by physical matter or not.

We will continue to be explorers in new thought, new ways of seeing who we are and how to be, but we will always remain true to our roots, which is to fearlessly continue on the adventure of being that is summed up, in essence, in the title of our publication. All of existence and life is one great odyssey, and each one of us is a critical and essential part of that 'process of becoming'. That is how we see things and that is what we will explore, along with our fellow travellers, boldly going, as Captain Kirk said, 'where no man has gone before', while keeping sight of our origins and looking for the wisdom so deeply embedded in the cells and DNA of our bodies, in the furtherest recesses of our consciousnesses and in the very substance of the world in which we find ourselves.

Chris & The Team


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