:: Editor's Letter
June/July 2009

Being the winter edition, I have some great articles lined up
to both thaw and chill you in these core winter months.

On the warm front, what
better place to escape the somewhat chilly South African weather than the temperate
Bahamas? Fiona Ay
erst tells about the sharks of the Bahamas, and the Leander free-diving duo on page 10.

On the chilled front, here is something different: Ice diving! Ever wonder what that is like? Adam Cruise discloses his amazing experiences while ice diving in the French Alps. His action-packed tale of wonder promises to entice you! See page 48.

Back in South Africa, when the cooler waters from the south make way up the eastern coastline, it is time for the annual sardine tumult! Sardine season is upon us, and to celebrate the greatest shoal on Earth, feast your eyes on our Sardine Run gallery on page 26.

Whilst on a recent tour of the South Coast and whilst preparing to go on a dive, my dive group were asked to sign indemnity forms. As is the usual case, all obligingly signed the indemnity. One of the requirements on the indemnity form was to provide your MPA permit number.

In all my diving in MPAs, I have never once physically witnessed someone being asked to present their permit, nor have been asked to show proof of my permit. I have heard that such instances do exist, so please write to me and tell me if this has ever happened to you or someone that you know – or to your dive centre. I would like to see the proper use of these permits and the regulation thereof in action, and working
towards the intended goal. Send your encounters to editor@submerge.co.za – I look
forward to hearing from you!


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